Validation code not working

Hi… I bought this theme and never really used it. I remember though, I installed and tried to activate it on But this website was just a testing website and I didn’t even renew the hosting, and expired in the last June. Now, I am going to use this theme, but it says the license has been used. Is it possible for you to check on which website my theme is used (I have many testing websites)… Or, how to fix this?

Hello @peacefullia,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

You can get the details from licence manager page. In your case all that needs to be done is assign the licence to a new domain from licence manager page. After that you need to validate the your X Theme setup.

I am sharing link of our product validation guide that you can refer for more information:


Thank you!! clear and easy.

Glad to see we managed to help!

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