V2 elements: More questions: Button vs. Button Classic

I’m halfway thru building a site and now trying to accomadate V2 elements and use best practices.

The buttons thus far throughout my site are classic.
When I add V2 element button it looks quite different, obviously.

In reading this documentation page on V2 Buttons:

I am led to believe that having this Preset…

That my new button should look like this:

However it does not.
It looks like this (the one on the left)

Some questions:

  1. Why doesn’t it look like the example you shared?
  2. When I try to applly a different preset I get this…What does this mean?

    Like does it mean reset ALL element properties? Well what is the difference between that and just changing my theme? Why would anyone want to do this? Why mix themes element styling? What is the advantage of that? And more importantly my next question…

Can I save my own preset? Or how do I just set up THE button that I will use everywhere and be able to have it automatic when I select a new button element?

Honestly I kind of prefer the styling of the classic button… should I just give up this effort to use V2?

How would I make the new button look like the old?

Basically I am looking for a solid video tutorial here. Or some clear explanation.


Thanks for writing in and we’re sorry to hear that you seem to be experiencing some issues with things at the moment.

To explain to you better, can you provide to us your WP credentials and the website link in a secure note? This way we can check it and tell you the step by step to accomplish this.

John T.

just provided login crededentials

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! First and foremost, I have created a test page here to differentiate all the button presets. You can check it out the link in the secure note.

1.) The button element along with the preset looks exactly the same.

2.) When you apply the preset, the preset will overwrite and change your current element or shall we say button element settings. For example, if you have already set the text color and background color of the button, when you apply the preset, those settings will be replaced with whatever is the color in the preset.

3.) At the moment, you cannot save your preset. It shall be available in the future release of Pro theme or Cornerstone plugin.

If you prefer the classic button, you can always use it and rely on the button global settings available in X > Launch > Options > Buttons.

Hope this helps.

Where do I find the secure note to see the test page with differentiated button presets?

Not sure what you mean by “1.) The button element along with the preset looks exactly the same” – what preset? same as what?

re bullet point (2).
where are you? What page/cornerstone? change the OVERALL buttom element settings?

My overall stack is ICON
why does this say integrity (on the left)? is that what is applied?

Can I change the text for this implementation

And have that affect every implementation?

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

Please be advised that when you use the classic button elements, all the styling for the classic button elements can be set in X > Launch > Options > Buttons.

When you use the V2 button element, this button will have it’s own default styling which is different from the classic button and is displayed upon inserting the button in to the column.

In V2 button element, the Apply Preset will have a default value of Integrity. Even if you are using Icon stack, it will still display Integrity but this does not mean that the preset has been applied. You will need to select the Icon name and hit the Apply button first before the preset will be applied to the V2 button element.

Once you have applied the preset, that preset will only change the styling of the button element. Applying the preset does not mean that it will affect all other buttons you have inserted on the page.

Hope this explains it briefly.

I found this too - its very confusing. Having setup button defaults for the site, the V2 button should pick up those defaults by default, which it doesn’t. The ‘presets’ which come with each stack make no sense as there is no way to access or edit those preset defaults.

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Hi There,

Thanks for your feedback I will forward to our development team.

Although if you want the button which pick up the styles set on Theme Options you can use the classic button element instead. If you need a button that is the difference from your Theme Options > Buttons Settings you can use the button element V2.

Hope it clarifies

Thanks @Joao
Can you guys share the roadmap for this product?
It’s surprising to hear that you are simply going to just “forward” this feedback from @theotcspace
to the development.
What is the greater intention of V2 aside from making it move away from overall styling? Is Theme.co committed to having styles of things like buttons either (1) save able and useable on other pages (2). making the presets editable?
What direction are you guys going?

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Please confirm "will only change the styling of the button element. " means just for THIS one element on this page. Or what do you mean? Is the warning just telling me the small edits I may or may not have made to tthis instance will be overwritten? Very confusing warning.


@gabemott see the link above - templating system coming later this year.

Thank you @theotcspace but link is down, can check it again?

Tried to translate into “/” etc https://www.facebook.com/yourthemeco/posts/F1498573323572821

Still looking for the test page as I don’t see your secure note

Work has begun on the new Template Manager for Pro and Cornerstone, and we wanted to share an updated mockup of how it will look and function.
In addition to being able to save Presets (styles for Elements), Header and Footer layouts (Pro), and Content layouts (Pro and Cornerstone), you’ll also be able to set a preview image that shows on hover and determine whether you want the asset to show in your workspace.
We are working hard towards a late November / early December release and will keep everyone updated on progress throughout.

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You should join the unofficial X/themeco group - lots of useful help in there, on Facebook


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@gabemott - see above

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Thanks @theotcspace

Here is the latest status report that might help you as well.

Thank you