Using Text Widget for HTML Code

Since the version 6 there is a strange behavior when editing a text box used to insert code.

When you open the text clicking in the box Content/Edit Text, it opens as Rich Text, not as HTML as in previous version.

If you have a JS code, when you pass to plan HTML it adds some

so it broke the script.

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When the text element is opened there’s an option to view the code as Raw code. In that way, it will break the website. It would also be best to add any script to the global settings.

Hope that helps.

Hi Marc,
What I’m saying is that when you open a text box to edit a text, the editor has to open as HTML as in the past, not as Rich Text, because if you have a script in that box, passing to the HTML editor will add some unexpected HTML tags.

Is it clear? I can make you a screen video if needed.

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Hello @marcor,

It seems that you have enabled the “Rich Text Editor Default”, I would suggest you go to the Cornerstone—>Settings -->Preferences—>Uncheck this checkbox “Rich Text Editor Default”

Test-Page-Cornerstone (39)

Hope it helps

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You are most welcome.

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