Using Essential Grid to avoid video-preload burden

I would like to figure out a way to place videos on a home page, and avoid the burden of preloading You-Tube videos. The page has five videos. The goal is to speed up the loading of the page. I imagine that if there is no video loading until the user clicks a link, the page should load more quickly. I made some inquiries on the X-theme Facebook group, and got some replies that gave me hope. One suggested using Essential Grid as the intervening technology. Since it comes with X-theme, and I use it on my home page, I decided to try it. It made no difference, and I could not get it to display custom splash graphics I had made so that the video’s YouTube image came up no matter what I did. And reviewing the page-load info via I saw no improvement.

My question has both a general and potentially a specific form. Is there any way to reduce page-load time by using intervening plug-ins to turn a “video” into a passive graphic link? Is there a way to do that with Essential Grid? Or is my quest a folly?


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Thank you for the very detailed post information. I guess the best solution is to have an image with a link to a youtube video. Upon clicking on this image, a lightbox would appear and it would contain the video to load up for the viewer to see. Perhaps you can check out the image demo with a lightbox here:

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“Perhaps you can check out the image demo with a lightbox here:” I can see an entry, on this page, about the lighbox shortcode, but not any demo. Where might the demo be? I will try out this shortcode.

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First paragraph of lightbox documentation we have have also added demo links. Here is a demo of lightbox on top of Integrity Stack that you can have a look:

Also sharing link to lightbox documentation:


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I have a site with 8 Youtube Videos. For 6 I use Lightbox, and the other 2 are embeds. For the embeds I just add a small Javascript to cause the embed to take place After Page load to avoid render blocking.

The problem I have is I use Google Tag Manager to add VidoObject Structured Data and insert the required info–Image URLs and desc.–dynamically. I can’t make it work for the 6 lightbox youtube videos.

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Regarding the question, unfortunately, you cannot add directly to the object as the code is auto-generated in the lightbox and the video shows with the usage of MEjs library embedded in the WordPress itself.

I think you will be better off to use a lightbox plugin that you can add custom code inside. That way you can add the Embed object for the lightbox either. Unfortunately, our lightbox does not support that.

I did a Google Search regarding this and you may consider checking those plugins. Needless to say that those are not our official recommendation and just a helper to get you started.

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