Using Charts to COUNT Custom Post Type Taxonomy

Hey there, I think I found a good use case for a client and using Charts. I have a Custom Post Type with a Custom Taxonomy assigned. The Post Type is called Episode (and is used by the client who hosts a podcast). The podcast is about reading and books, so the custom post type has custom taxonomy where the client enters the Books, Authors, and Genres. Each of those three being the taxonomy. What I would like to do, to highlight a use case for Charts to the client, is to say “look at this chart which shows how many times you have used THIS AUTHOR in your episodes.” Or, “here is a chart showing the diversity of the genres in your episodes.” I am new to charts and am struggling to understand what to select from the data source list. In the screen shot, the taxonomy counts is what I want to visualize.

It’s most likely located in Post Meta or User Meta in Dynamic Content. It would look something like this {{dc:post:meta key="count"}}. The latest charts video goes over how to find some of this meta data.


You might need to sort by that field and unfortunately that feature won’t exist in the query builder till Pro 6.4, but using the query string and rhe below site we can help you out there.

Let us know if this helps!

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