Username change

Can you change my username from ‘adm1n1str8r’ to ‘thoughtsociety’ please?

also, how can I change the email associated with my account?
I now have a new domain : and my email is ‘’.


Steve Levine

Hi Steve,

I’ve already changed your username to thoughtsociety per requested.

It seems you’ve already changed your email address to

Can you confirm?

Thank you.

Super thanks, yes!

Back to working with Themeco/X/Pro after a hiatus.


You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi, how can I change my email address?

Hi There,

Sorry but we can only change the username, what you can do with the email is to release the license associated with your account so you will be able to register a new account with a new email, and register your license back to that newly created account.

  1. To do this navigate to your licenses page.
  2. Unlock your license (the padlock icon).
  3. Register a new account here using the license that you just freed up with the desired username and email.
  4. Then use that new account to assign your license to your site URL.

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