User Registration with ACFPRO - Check ACF Required fields

Hi! I have a ACFPRO field added to the normal user registration and everything works great independently .
*ACF form has required fields.

General information:

IF User complies and fill all the fields, no problem whatsoever.

The problem arrises when a user only inputs information for the Wordpress part (email and username).
When they click on Register, ACF will trigger and say that there where required field that weren’t completed. (which is how is supposed to work)


The problem:

The user is created regardless of the ACF failed validation because the Register button only needs to validate his original fields.

Ideal Solution:

The form needs to validate ACF section before creating a user

Is this possible?

I’m assuming some changes to the functions.php or create a complete independent register form?

Hello @RowrRigo,

Thanks for writing in! What you have in mind requires custom coding to validate the fields in your registration form. Perhaps, using a 3rd party plugin may help:

Best Regards.