Upgrading the plugins

I was looking to upgrade my Visual Composer to the new 5.4.2. Have you tested this with the theme? Also if I do upgrade/Purchase will this be any different then the Visual Composer plugin provided with your theme.

I was also looking to upgrade/purchase the new LayerSlider WP. Have you tested this with the theme?

The reason I am looking to upgrade these two plugins is I am now using a plugin SGOptimizer and I am getting this Error code “SG Optimizer: You website doesn’t run on the recommended by SiteGround PHP version. Click here for more details. Click here to hide this notice.”

The host provided me with this plugin to make our site faster and they said the code error is because the out dated plugins. Dose that seem correct to ya’ll? We really need to speed up the website. It is way to slow right now. If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi @odsadmin,

Thanks for writing in.

In regards to plugin versions, the latest version that we can support and compatible with X theme can be seen here:

If you want to buy license or upgrades, the plugin version should be the version compatible with X theme.

For increasing your page speed, you can check the link below

Let us know how it goes.


Ok so we are going to turn on a CDN. I see we need to make sure the "Database Cache

Make sure to enable this option as well and as cache method use Disk. (Leave this off if you’re going to configure a CDN later)"

Where is this so I can turn it off. Also is there anything else I need to make sure is off before turning this one?? Or is there anything that needs to be on before I turn this on. We are turning this on threw our host.

Hi There,

We can access it from Performance Menu.
All recommended settings are stated on the article.

Hi There,

On our performance article, it shows how to utilize W3 Total Cache plugin. You may try installing that plugin and disable your current caching plugin.


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