Upgrading Pro to get current

We are currently running Pro on our company’s Intranet site, and for many reasons it’s been neglected.
I would like to get everything up-to-date, and have successfully upgraded our Wordpress to version 5.8.1. However, our Pro version is currently at 3.2.3, and I’m guessing it would not be a great idea to try to go straight to version 5 from there. Am I correct? If so, does anyone have any recommendations on the interim steps I should take and how to obtain the back versions of the Pro software? Thank you!

Hi Christine,

Thanks for reaching out.
The version you are using is the 2nd last Stable version, and you can easily update it to the latest version i.e. 5.0.8. But it is suggested to take a backup of your website before you update or you can copy it to another instance and update the Pro into it and if everything works fine migrate to the main instance.


Thank you for your quick response. I have the staging site backed up and I’m going to go for it. :grin:

Hello Christine,

Please let us know how it goes. In case if you face any issues please let us know. In case if you have not seen our theme update doc please have a look at it.