Upgraded to Pro - WP admin panel shows X not Pro

Hi Apexers, I’ve started a brand new blog and purchased and installed X. Then, I purchased the Pro upgrade from Themeco (not EnvatoMarket), and followed the instructions - all seemed to go smoothly. However, in my Wordpress dashboard, I still see X in the admin panel and not Pro. I should see Pro, right? I’ve checked my site URL mapping in WP and Apex - they’re the same. I’m not able to enter the Pro license through Wordpress. I want to be sure I’m getting all the benefits of my upgrade, including the installation of the App demo which keeps timing out. help

Hi there,

Yes, you should not see X and should see Pro in the left menu of the Dashboard.

Unfortunately, The Pro theme does not support the Demo Import functionality. So you need to install the X theme on a fresh new WordPress installation first using the Envato Purchase key and validate the product:

Then import the demo content:

After that follow the article below to Convert from X to Pro:

Thank you.

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