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see: https://themeforest.net/comments/19438015

"i have a question i just purchased X theme.

i registered on Apex but there i was asked if i wanted to upgrade to pro so i did …

i did not know what pro is >.< does this mean i can no longer use X theme license that i have from here on themeforest ?"

if so im a bit mad…lets say i find it misleading It would be better to just give an extra key for PRO and let ppl use X … seeing as on themeforest the X key is valid.

The way you ask ppl to upgrade to PRO when we register for support is seen to me as a upgrade for the X theme and not as a different theme… especially for ppl like me that are totally new to X or should i say Themeco.

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Since you have just registered, you should not have upgraded to Pro yet. Anyway, you can still use X and validate it. Just make sure that you use the license from Themeforest.

One thing to remember is that Pro license will be use to validate Pro theme and the license from Themeforest can be used to validate X.

X theme is great for beginners and intermediate users. It features the demo content for you to easily set up the site. Pro theme is good for intermediate and advance users like designers and developers. If has a custom header and custom footer builder so you can built different headers/footers for different pages.

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ok so if i understand correctly i can use X theme or PRO as long as i only use one 1 of the 2 at a time as i only have one license right ?

So i can activate X theme and later on i can switch (disable X theme key ) to Pro once i’m comfortable with X

Hi Steven,

Yes, you can do that but we won’t advise that, once you have finish building your site in one theme, you should not switch it to other themes (not only for X and PRO but for other themes as well), unless you’re planning a rebuild.

That means if you’re planning to switch in PRO at some point then please consider building the site with PRO from the start, X and PRO are basically the same. The only difference is PRO has the Header and Footer builder, which you have the option if you want to use it or not.

You can download PRO from the APEX dashboard

Theme Installation

Hope this shed some lights,

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