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I have a validated site (https://prescriptionswithoutpills.com) that needs to be updated, both X and Cornerstone. But I do not have the option of automatic updates. How can I update this site?


You can check the updates at Dashboard > Updates > Check again button and if you are using any kind of cache plugin, remember to clear it.

I am trying to update X, so I can get automatics upgrades. When I go to Appearance>Themes>X-theme and click on X-theme, the next page’s “update available” window says “Validate X to Enable automatic updates.” If I click that link I go to the “Addons” page, where I am told “your site is validated.” What is going on? How can I validate a validated license? Thanks

Hi There,

Upon checking, I see the reason is that you have missed some major updates and now you’re using an older version of X theme (v4.4.2) and Cornerstone plugin (v1.2.4).

The latest version of X theme is (v5.2.5) and Cornerstone plugin (v2.1.7). So at this point, the best possible option would be to update your X theme manually for once using this guide (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-updating-your-themes-and-plugins/62). Then disable/delete your Cornerstone plugin and head over to X -> Overview section and wait for few seconds to install the latest version of Cornerstone plugin automatically.

Then you should be able to re-validate your site and use automatic updates here onwards.

Please note: Since you’re using an older version now, we strongly suggest you to take a full backup of your site before updating.

Hope that helps.

I will do the update manually. Can you also send directions on how to re-validate.Thanks

Hi there,

Please follow this thread for the validation guide:

Hope this helps.

Yes. That works. The site is updated and x-theme validated. Thanks

You’re more than welcome, glad we could help.


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