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I start a new website from scratch But I wanted to use the Xtheme that I bought for my non exist website (just deleted).
I realize that I must revoke the license to be able to use it on my site. So I went to the apex dashboard/licenses and only changed the website associated to the purchased product. But then I saw a invation to update my product xtheme to PRO.

  1. Is PRO a new theme or framework I dont know what exactly i just updated.

  2. My current version is: 5.2.5 am I up to date?

  3. Should I do anything else before start customize my new website?

thank you

I download the theme PRO from apex dashboard.
I successfully installed the theme and the version is: 1.2.7

[problem] is there any website templates available?

Should I do anything else? thank you

Hello @juliana,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

  1. Pro Theme: Pro is a new theme from Themeco. One of the primary difference between X and Pro theme is that the latter comes with header and footer builder. Using Pro theme header and footer builder, you get the ability to design unique headers and footers. You can learn more about the concept and vision behind Pro theme on Pro launch blog post. https://theme.co/blog/say-hello-to-x-five-and-pro-one/
  2. Right now the latest version of X Theme is 5.2.5.
  3. As of now Pro theme does not comes with demo templates. However, good news is that the upcoming version of Pro will have demo contents. Right now we are into beta testing and next few days we hope to release next major version of all our products that includes Pro, X and Cornerstone.

In our knowledge base we have published tutorials and video screencasts that will help you to get started with Pro theme. I am sharing few links that you can take a look.


Thank you! I would like to receive updates about PRO.
How/Where do I register?

Hi There,

Usually you will be notified of a version update on your Wordpress dashboard.

But, this week we are pushing a really big update, so the update will need to be done manually, you can follow the updates on : https://theme.co/changelog/

Hope it helps

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Thank you I am looking forward for the update.

  1. Do you recommend to setup a Child Theme for users/clients that will not do any hardcoding?
    I am at the beginning of my new PRO website and I like to keep things simple… But should I setup or not?

  2. Do you recommend Clouflare - not as service, but if it is a friendly solution for PRO users?

  3. Do you have guidelines to use on the W3 Total Cache?
    3.1 Any advice on other cache/performance plugins?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi There,

1 - It is not necessary, in case you do need it in the future, you can install it.

2 - Yes it can be friendly if setup correctly.


3- We dont have guidelines, I personally prefer not to use them, but if you decide to use I would suggest activating them once the website is done.

Hope it helps

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