Update to Loopers and Conditions build

I am trying to create loopers that use custom field start and expiry dates to display content.
I managed to get this working by using loopers and element conditions, however, there was a content duplication error. See my previous topic - Looper with conditions repeating first item.

The recent theme update (Pro 4.2.3) has fixed a bug that outputted a duplicate item when looper consumer combined with element conditions. This is the issue had and wrote about previously.
Given this update, is @ruenet’s reply now outdated (see below)?

You shouldn’t be adding a condition in the Looper Consumer. Be advised that the consumer will display whatever the output of the provider. If the Provider returns 5 items, the consumer must display 5 items. If you want to filter the events, you should do that in your query string.

If so, is it safe for me to build my loopers with element conditions?
Unfortunately, I could never get a ‘complex’ string working.

The best solution would obviously be an update that expands the options available within the Looper Provider’s query builder (to include and exclude multiple custom fields, dates, tags, etc and sorting options). I mentioned that Content Views Pro probably has the best query builder and public filter.

Hello @Innovatek,

Thanks for writing in! The response I gave in your previous thread still stands. You should not add any condition in your looper consumer. There are few exemptions though. For example, you want to display the featured image, a condition can be added to display the featured image only if it is available. The element will be hidden away if there is no featured image.

Hope this makes sense.

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