Update to Cornerstone Version 5.1.5 crashes my site

I just updated to the latest version of cornerstone, now my website fails to open and says “There has been a critical error on this website”.

When I deactivate the cornerstone plugin, the website loads but fails to operate nominally and displays some code in the background . I tried deactivating all other plugins and only used cornerstone, still has issues. Please help!

Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out!

The reason why when you update your cornerstone to the late version crashes your website because of the compatibility issue of X and cornerstone plugin. Currently, you have an old X theme version 7.2.3 and you have the latest version of Cornerstone which is 5.1.5 and they are not compatible with each other. First, I suggest that you deactivate and uninstall your cornerstone plugin to avoid any conflict when upgrading your X theme. Second, upgrade your X theme to the latest version and the last thing you should do is install the cornerstone plugin again.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, that worked!

The instructions are simple enough, however no matter what I try, deactivating or deleting and and in any sequence, the Cornerstone plug will not deactivate and cannot be deleted.

Any ideas?

Hi James,

Glad that it works for you.

Hi @jmsinnz,

I have already requested you in another thread, to create a new thread and share your website credential so we can investigate it further.


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