Update package not available for Modern Events Calendar

Hello, I’m trying to update the Modern Event Calendar on my site but I’m getting a message saying Update package not available.

The rest of the site is up to date other than Cornerstone which says it can’t auto update. If you can let me know where to download this too that would be great.

I’ve also tried deactivating other plugins but that made no difference.

I think it may be that my current version is 6.3.0 and the update is trying to load 6.6.5 but the latest compatible version to X appears to be 6.6.4. How can I download a version of 6.6.4?


My site is https://gicms3.co.uk/

Hey @goodimp,

Thanks for reaching out!

Based on our version compatibility the latest version of Modern Event Calendar is 6.6.4 and I also confirmed it on my development website. If you can’t update your Modern Event Calendar from 6.3.0 to 6.6.4. I highly suggest deleting the current plugin installed on your website and reinstalling it again on the Pro page. You have nothing to worry your data won’t be wiped out because it is saved in the database. It is also advisable to create a backup before doing these steps.

Hope that helps.

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