Unwanted text above header

Hi there,

I was just ready to launch my first website with the X theme, I moved it to the correct domain and then suddenly I have some signs above my header in the left top corner? Please can anyone help to fix this?

Hey Kelly,

Thanks for writing in. That looks like a stray HTML tag and it’s most probably caused by optimizations and/or customizations. If you have an optimization plugin that minifies HTML/CSS/JS, please disable it. If you have customizations, please remove all of them for troubleshooting purposes.

If that does not help, we will need to check your back-end setup so we will need you to provide us with WP admin and FTP credentials in a Secure Note. During troubleshooting, we might need to deactivate all third party plugins. If that could not be done in your live site, please duplicate your site to a staging server and give us access to it.


Dear Christian,

Thanks, I removed all the conflicting plugins, but this does not seem to help. I added my credentials in a secure note. + the website seems veeeeeery slow to load now, this has not happened before?


Kindly refer to the link below.

Hope that helps

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