Unlocking and transfering licenses


I am struggling to activate my license for a site.
I have unlocked them and removed all links bar the one I need and it is not working for me. Any help?

Can you also explain the difference between between unlock and transfer? (Does this allow me to transfer a license I bought to another account? or just allow me to transfer activation to another URL (I still own license)?


Hi Nathan,

Thanks for reaching out.

Unlocking the license will only allow the transfer to another account, and transfer will only happens if you registered it on another account while unlocked. It’s not related to activation, the activation is just assigning the URL to your license and validating to the site where you assigned it. Please check this https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-product-validation/55, just skip the part about license registration if it’s already registered to your account or if you’re not planning to transfer it.



Hi Rad,

Thanks. the article was very informative.

Now i seem to be having trouble revoking licenses?
I am wanting to register and assign my localhost development site and this is not working.
I have tried this many times with different license codes.

Hello @MolemanProductions,

Did you already assigned your local host url in your license page? Please go to the licenses (https://theme.co/apex/licenses) and make sure that you have assigned the url to the license.

Hope this helps.

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