Unable to connect ConvertPlus and Mailchimp - again

Hi there,

We have already posted about this issue, but it has since reappeared.

We’re receiving the message “There appears to be an error with the configuration” whenever we try and test the newsletter signup forms in the footer and in the popup form on the homepage. We have removed all of the unnecessary field from Mailchimp that are not the email field, we have deactivated and deleted the ConvertPlus and Connect for Mailchimp and then reactivated it, we have made changes inside of the ConvertPlus settings and in the modal popup settings… And nothing works, we’re not able to get a confirmation email from Mailchimp, but our email is in the appropriate ConvertPlus Connect.

Please advise.

Hi @INcroatia,

Thanks for reaching out.

For us to properly investigate the issue between the two, would you mind providing your Mailchimp login credentials as well?

And are you referring to the subscribe form in the footer? It works just fine on my end, make sure you don’t use an email that is already registered before.


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