Uh oh! Cornerstone Not Working Part 2

That was me logging in. So I thought that I logged in and posted this message under his account. Let me go back again.

Ok, I am posting under his account. You can see by the screenshot above that it is the partnershipadv.com account.

Look I have posted under his account,. You have his email address you can query him. You can ask me any question (or him) and we can answer it. I can give you the email address and password for this account. I can have him call you. I can call you. I will buy a new version. I will pay you $100 just to get this thing going. I have a client that thinks I am incompetent because I cannot, after five days, give her any additional information as to why her site is not working. Geeesh.

Hi Steven,

You’re still posting under your own account. I tell you what, have him email us at info@theme.co marked FAO Matt, requesting that move the license in his account to username sburgoon and then I will move it over. I know this is frustrating, I am not trying to be difficult in any way, just ask him to do that and I will happily take care of this for you.

I will do this. But you need to know that I logged in under his account and posted the above messages. So you should probably consider this is a glitch in your system.

OK, just to figure this out. I completely cleared all cache and history in my browser. I logged in under his account. Is it now posting under his account?

Hi Steven,

Yes, it gives me great pleasure to say that yes, you are now posting under the correct account. With that in mind, would you prefer to keep these accounts separate with a license in each, or would you prefer me to consolidate the licenses in one account? If so, kindly confirm which.

Irrespective of the above, please now go ahead and add the login credentials in a secure note (I mentioned how to do this in your previous thread here) so that my team can investigate the issue at hand.

It’s good to know that we’re able to move forward with this for you.

Great. Please consolidate the licenses in one account–the sburgoon one I originally posted on.

Also, please work with the live site here: http://partnershipadv.com rather than the dev site.

I have attached the credentials.

Hi There @sburgoonpart

I have re-installed X theme, Cornerstone, disabled some of your plugins and investigated your issue further. However I found that that you’re running PHP v5.4.45 on your server which should be the cause of your issue. You can ask your hosting provider to update it to at least PHP v5.6.x or later to avoid incompatibility issues.

On a separate note, I also see that your PHP memory limit is set to 256MiB. After updating PHP, if you still encounter any issues, you can also try increasing your memory limit by following this guide (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/troubleshooting-increasing-php-memory-limit/16935).

Let us know how it goes.

Updated PHP to 5.6. And yes, now the Cornerstone editor works. However, the website is all screwed up. The nav bar is wrong. Pop menu content is showing up on pages. Formatting is all wack. Now what?

Hi @sburgoonpart,

Please go to X > Settings and click on the CLear Style Cache button. After that clear your browser cache or check the website with another browser.

Thank you.

Nope. Didn’t do anything. I will have my programer look at it and perhaps he can at least determine the problem.

I notice in a posting above I was instructed to update to PHP v5.6x or better. In the Godaddy cPanel, the only option was 5.6 not 5.6x so I chose it. There were other versions shown, 7.0 and 7.1.

Hi @sburgoonpart,

Could you try it again, I went ahead and cleared it again and it seems to be loading fine now.


Not working. For example, on the home page:

  1. The nav bar under the main umbrella pic is supposed to be a dark gray bar.
  2. The middle section (seven-minute video) icon and text should be white. I am seeing the roll-over effect
  3. The individual info for each team member is supposed to be in a pop-up window, not on the main page
  4. There is supposed to be a contact form at the bottom, I don’t see it.

I have cleared my cache and viewed it with three different browsers.

See attached screen shot of what the home page should look like:
I was going to post images but I can’t because I can only post 1 image. Here is the nav bar.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) The navbar is white because that is what is being set in the X > Theme Options > Renew. Please change it to gray instead.

2.) I cannot find this section. Did you happen to removed it?

3.) Did you inherited the page from another site or another builder? We do not have in any kind of set up that has the same structure of your team members. You may have been using a 3rd party plugin. Please make sure that it is installed and active so that your popup will work.

4.) I have edited the page to check the contact form section. I could not find it. Maybe you haven’t added it yet or may have deleted accidentally.

Hope this helps.

Ok, thanks for the effort. So there is no misunderstanding I want to make sure you understand the events that put us where we are now. I did not do anything except update PHP.

  1. Page functionality and layout was working fine. Had been for a year.
  2. Needed to do some modifications and Cornerstone wouldn’t work.
  3. You guys checked my site out and said I needed to update PHP.
  4. I updated PHP to 5.6 and now the site pages are wacked and the pop up functionality is not functioning.

I did not modify, change, anything.

Before you do anything further, let me have my programmer look things over. I will get back to you.

Sure, let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

It went well. My programmer uploaded the files from a back up and made sure all the right plugins were active. Things are working now.

I do get a brief red Uh Oh! when I edit pages but it lets me edit.

Thanks for your help. I do appreciate all that you guys did to help.

Hey @sburgoonpart ,

You’re welcome. Glad we could help.

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