Uber Mega SubMenu fonts


I cannot find the class to change the size and weight of my uber submenu font. There is no way of changing it in the dashboard I believe.

Could you give me advice please?

Hi Alejandro,

I tried to check the front end of your website but it is under Coming Soon… page.

You can change many aspects of a menu item by using UberMenu by going to Appearance > Menus and selecting the menu item in question and clicking the UberMenu icon to fine tune the menu item.

I also suggest that you check the document below which is the official documentation and it talks about the font sizes:

Thank you.

Sorry try now again.


Hello Alejandro,

To adjust or set the font size for Ubermenu, please go to Appearance > Ubermenu > Main UberMenu Configuration > Style Customizations and insert a value for “Top Level Font Size” and “Normal Items Font Size”.

We would love to know if this has worked for you. Thank you.

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