Trying to use the mask feature but not sure it is working right

at the bottom where it says

Top local brands use Vero Beach Marketing.

the patio seafood tavern I am trying to replace the pink background with the image on interaction

Can Pro Theme do this?

live hardcode example here…

Hello @verobeachmarketing,

Thanks for writing in! You can remove the semi-transparent color in the upper layer. Add a DIV element in each column. Position it as Absolute with 100% width and height so it covers the whole column. Add a background color and hover background and then this is where you apply the Mask.

Hope this makes sense.

i added the div, set absolute with 100% on left right top bottom, I went under both interaction and mask and I do not see hover anything anywhere, it makes sense what you are saying but I am not seeing what I think I should see

are you suggesting adding custom CSS?

.class-name:hover {
background-color: #bb00bb;}

i tried that also, i guess what i am seeing in preview is that the div is not in the column

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 4.24.17 AM Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 4.24.08 AM

I left it live so you could see, I also tried putting the client-box class on the column and div

Hey @verobeachmarketing,

The DIV element must be positioned as “Absolute” with 0px on top and right with auto for the left and bottom. It should have a 100% width and height to cover the column.

Kindly check it now as I have adjusted your values.