Trying to update Cornerstone

Hi, I have been trying to update Cornerstone for a while but when I click update in WordPress, it keeps coming up with “Update Failed: Update package not available.”

I’m currently on version 2.1.7 and it’s saying “Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.”

Can anyone help?


Hi @slowbear,

You will have to validate your theme installation if the Cornerstone you are using is with the X theme.

Once X is validated, you should be able to update Cornerstone from the Wordpress dashboard.

Hope this helps.

Hi Jade
Looking at the main X page, I have the below:

Is this what you mean?



Hello C,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

Please try out following solutions:

  1. From Plugins > Installed Plugins deactivate and delete Cornerstone.
  2. After that please visit X menu and doing so will automatically install latest version of Cornerstone.

You can also manually update Cornerstone using FTP route:

  1. Using FTP softwares like Filezilla please navigate under /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Delete Cornerstone folder.
  3. Using the link shared in secure note, please download Cornerstone and extract the contents.
  4. Upload Cornerstone folder under /wp-content/plugins/.

You can refer following post to learn more about Filezilla.

Let us know how it goes.


Thanks Prasant

I followed your instructions, however on returning to the Plug In menu to check, it has reinstalled version 2.1.7 which is far off the latest version?


Hi Chris,

X theme is not updated. Please update X theme first to the latest version. You might have X Theme 5.2.5. Once X theme is updated, it will also update Cornerstone.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Lely, this has worked and everything has now updated. Thanks for your help. C

Glad to hear it’s sorted, C.

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