I am trying to activate the latest version of x for

When trying to validate, I receive this error message.

Could not establish connection. For assistance, please start by reviewing our article on troubleshooting connection issues.

I have checked to see if my firewall is blocking requests to and it is not.
I have used the “force-check” flag and no luck.
I have contacted my host and they claimed everything is fine on their end.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Hello @hawkdog,

Thanks for asking.

You first need to update X Theme that’s installed on the website. I see that as of now you have X Theme version 4.3.0 on website. Please update X Theme and Cornerstone to the latest version and proceed with validation. You need to manually update. Please take a look at following article:

In case after updating you are not able to validate, please try deleting Cornerstone from Plugins > Installed plugins. After that visit X > Validation so that Cornerstone get installed automatically installed. Then try validating again and see how it goes.


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