Trouble with x icons and text

Hi Team,

trying to add some icons with text beside it for our address/contact us page but I cant seem to figure out how to get that done on the same line.

Perhaps im using the wrong elements?

Also just realized on the live page the icons dont show on separate lines even though they do in cornerstone.

See attached photos

Hey David,

This is regretfully a behavior of all Classic elements inside Cornerstone. I’d recommend that you use the Social element instead. Not only that it will display inline in Cornerstone and front-end, it also has a link option.

If you wish to add text to each individual icons, I’d recommend you use the Button element which is also an inline element.

In case you don’t need linking the icons, use the Icon shortcode instead.

Hope that helps.

Thanks I Gave this a try but its not letting me add text beside the icon anywhere.

I must be missing something?

Hi David,

For more and much better control, I recommend using global block

Then create your own structure, like make them in separate rows so it will appear on the stack each other while you can still add text beside each icon.

Once your global block is created, you can then add it to your page as a single global block element.

Hope this helps.

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