Tried to update my site to PRO and received fatal error

I received the following fatal error when trying to update my site ( from X to PRO:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare x_render_bar_module() (previously declared in /home2/jcques/public_html/wp-content/themes/xpro/framework/functions/xpro/bars/helpers.php:25) in /home2/jcques/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/elements/helpers.php on line 46

How do I send a message where my website credentials are hidden?

I am unable to access my wordpress admin account due to this error. Still looking for resolution.

Hi there,

Please kindly go to your website files and folders using the FTP connection and go to wp-content/themes. There you will see a folder called xpro. Kindly remove that folder or move it to some other place. Then Go to the admin of your website and install the Pro theme as mentioned below:

Our theme name is pro and not xpro anymore, that is why the new installation will have pro as the folder name.

It is very important that you have a complete backup of your website files and database before doing this process.

Thank you.

Hi christopher.amirian

This was very helpful. Thank you. Your guidance got me back to just the X-Theme. I wanted to update to the PRO theme from this point. However, I realize that the PRO them was for more intermediate/advanced developers. I am only a beginner. Do you recommend that I stay with the X Theme (Pre-PRO version)? Also, since I converted my license to the PRO version, but my theme is still X will this pose a problem?
screenprint below shows my current product (or license type):


Hi There,

Considering you have already upgraded your license I would reccomend you doing the following steps:

1- While on X, Install the demo you would like to start from.

2- Install PRO and activate it.

3- Validate your PRO Theme

4- If you don’t need a complex header, in order to avoid too much work as you might be overwhelm with the possibilites I would reccomend you sticking with the classic header and classic footer for now, and skip the PRO and Footer builder for later

5- Go to Pro > Theme Options > Explore all the tabs in order to set your general styling of your website, on Theme Options > header you can set your logo.

6- When you edit your pages, I would reccomend you starting with the classic elements, they offer fewer options but are still very powerful, and that should be enough for you to build your layouts. With time as you feel more comfortable you can explore the new V2 Elements and the Header and Footer Builder.

Hope it helps!

Hi Joao
Great info. Just so you know, I have already installed a demo last year (item #1). I have been working on my site for a while now. I am just trying to get it to a particular state where I do not have to do much but just add content. But with the update of PRO, I like to challenge myself with some of these updates. I think what is left for me to do is #2 and #3. I failed to deactivate CORNERSTONE in my previous attempt. #4 is in my near future. #5 I will definitely look at those options. #6 is the plan.


You’re welcome!
We’re glad we were able to help you out.

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