Translation plugins supported


Which translation plugins are you supporting?
WPML it’s causing a lot of problems and I’d prefer an alternative.

Thank you.

Hi Carinaa,

Thanks for reaching out.

May I know which problems you’re getting? You can use other translation plugins but it’s only the WPML has proper integration within the builder (header, content, and footer builder). As of now, I’m not getting any issue with WPML, perhaps you may downgrade your WPML a bit?


It’s not necessary an issue with PRO theme but with WPML in general.

We’ve been having a lot of issues with translations but now custom post types don’t show up anymore while WPML it’s activated.
We’ve become sick and tired with all the problems WPML it’is causing and were hoping there’s a better alternative.

Hi Carinaa,

You might want to try contacting WPML support first.

They will be able to check on this in great detail as they are the one’s who develop the plugin.

You can try qTranslate as alternative but as my colleague have stated only WPML has a proper integration within the builder


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