Translate "read more" and "leave a comment" with Pro child theme


As the headline says, how do I change the text found in the post meta and blog section?

Hi There,

We do have an article for translation. See this guide:

For other option like adding code on the child theme, see the following thread:

See how those 2 threads use the same function? In this case, we don’t need two function. One function that will translate both is the right way:

add_filter('gettext', 'translate_my_text' );

function translate_my_text($translated) { 
    $translated = str_ireplace('Leave a comment on: "%s"', 'Read a comment translation here : "%s"', $translated);
    $translated = str_ireplace('Leave a Comment', 'Read a comment translation here', $translated);
    $translated = str_ireplace('Read More', 'Read more tranlation here', $translated);
    return $translated; 

Hope this helps.

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