Transferring License to new .com

Hi ThemeX team,

I bought the Theme X template for my webpage then realized its not what I need.

I already associated this license with my but purchased a different one which is now live.

Can I use this template and purchased license with my other Ecommerce that needs a drastic theme update?


Hi Chuck,

Yes, we can transfer a license to a new site. Since you bought a new one, I assume this X license is not associated or locked to any domain or site, right now. Is that correct? If your answer is yes, then go to your license page, add you ecommerce site URL opposite this purchase license. For example, you can see something like this:

Hope this helps.

Hey Chuck,

Thanks for writing in. As far as I understand your concern, you want to assign another domain to your license? If so, just click the pencil icon right next to the domain and delete it so you can paste another domain.

For more details, please read the Product Validation article.

Hope that helps.

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