Transferring an existing license to a new website, same user just different site Will not validate

Hello! I am trying to transfer my X license to a new site and I followed all of the steps however it will not assign to the new site. I purchased it and am not using X and now want to use it for a new site.

Please help!

Hi there,

Is the license that is registered in your account the license you are trying to register to a new site? If so, kindly make sure you have updated the domain name registered to the license from your licenses page here:

Once you updated the domain, login to your Wordpress admin and use the licenses key to validate the site.

Hope this helps.

Yes I have done that but when I got back to wordpress it still says “Your code is valid but looks like it has already been used on another site. You can revoke and re-assign within your Themeco account.” I have tried switching the production and still nothing.

Hi @callyarndt

So, that’s the site you want to link your license to?

If so, then I tried to use /wp-admin/ and /wp-login.php to log in your website and I couldn’t, could you please share the login URL for your website so we can investigate this issue?


Yes that is the site. Would the problem have to do with the fact that I only have a temporary domain at the moment?


Hi there,

I have checked and it does not seem to be a Wordpress site that is why when I tried and and I get the following page:

If you have a specific link to the admin login area, kindly provide us the link or if you have an IP restriction for your development site, kindly temporarily disable it so that we can check it.

Try this:

Hi Cally,

The login link and the admin details, work.

First, you will have to register the test domain link as the staging site for the license.

Please note that you can register a staging and production link for each license. Since you current have a test/temporarily link, you may register it as the staging link.

Once registered with the license, you could use the license key to validate the test site.

I have gone ahead and did the steps above and validated the test site for you.

Kindly see you licenses page that was previously linked in this thread so that you could see where there license was registered with the domain.

Hope this helps.

Ahh thank you so much! You guys are the best. Really appreciate the help.

You’re most welcome, Cally. :slight_smile:

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