Transfering my Website License

Hi there!

I have recently purchased a second webdomain, and I want to transfer my X license from the first to the second.

As I have never done this before, I don’t know how to this, and I don’t fully understand the answers in the previous threads, I’m afraid.
I was hoping to get a more detailed description on how to change the license. Could you please tell me how to do this?

Thank you so much for the help!


Hi Ralph,

You may revoke your license and unassign your site

Then in your license page, you may edit and enter your new url

For more information kindly refer to the link below

Hope that helps

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Thank you so much! That helps a lot!

You’re welcome, Ralph.

I have another problem…

When I go to the backend of my site (the wp-admin link), I don’t see the ‘X’ bar anywhere anymore…

I have no idea where it went, or how to find it, is there any other way to revoke the license and unassign the site?

Hi Ralph,

You can skip the revoke step and directly add the new website URL into the licenses page and then follow the steps below to validate the theme:

Thank you.

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