Transfering a licence

I have divorced from a project I have done for a non profit organization and the X license for this Site is in my own account with another license.

can they open a new account with APEX and have this license transferred so they have control over it without having to get in my own account and also enjoy your great forum?

thank you

Hi there,

That is possible. Please give us the Purchase Key which you want to be moved using a Secure Note. We will release that key from your account and then your former client can use that purchase key to register a new account and follow the validation process as below:

Thank you.

ok I saved the Private note

Will it disapear from my list after you release it?

Sorry to hear about the divorce, Eric. I’ve unattached the license from your account now, so the organization can register this when they create their own account. Of course, we’ll look forward to seeing both of you in our forums :slight_smile:

Thanks for being a customer, and have a great day!

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