Transfer website to real server

Hi, there
I got a problem when I try to transfer my website from localhost to my real server. I used FTP to transfer all files and create DB via PHPMyAdmin.
I edited wp_config file in FTP, and wp_options in PHPMyAdmin already.
Now, it shows like this picture, how to solve this problem.

PS. I’m a beginner level of WordPress.

Hi @fhtpsu,

In my experiences I have found FTP transfer of WP Site to be messy and a bit of a pain. I would suggest using a plugin to do this - such as Duplicator (

I have used this for many website transfers without any issues. There are plenty of online video tutorials to show you exactly how to use it too!

Hope this helps.

I’ve had good luck with using Duplicator to transfer a site as well. There are so many steps to complete if you do it manually, including a search and replace on the URL. You mention that you created the DB with PHPMyAdmin, but did you transfer the contents of the DB? Give Duplicator a try. It’s free.

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