Touchscreen scrolling doesn't work in all environments for Essential Grid lightbox

I was in touch with ThemePunch Support about an issue with scrolling for Essential Grid lightbox elements. You can see my original post about the issue on their comments page. There has been some improvement since that first post, in that over the summer we noticed that touchscreen scrolling for lightbox content is working on Android phones. However, we checked and scrolling still does not work when using a touch screen on a laptop running windows 10 and using chrome browser. Also we heard from a customer that it doesn’t work for their touchpad/mouse on a hp laptop.

You can see the issue for the lightboxes included in the grid items here:

I was in touch with ThemePunch Support about these issues and they suggested I ask my “theme support/ author to open ticket about this issue so we can escalate it for dev review.” And so I am posting here to ask if you could please follow up.

Thank you,

Hey Alison,

Please confirm whether this issue is with the Essential Grid only or our theme is involved. You can do that by switching to the default WordPress theme and test if the issue persists.

Once confirmed, we’ll post this case in our issue tracker so that this will be queued to be reported to the ThemePunch.


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