Top Hero section to be skipped by Post Pagination links

Hi team!
I am building some corporate blogs, as a common design I set a Hero full-screen initial section.
This Hero section has a button to scroll smothly until next section below the fold, by ID anchor (like #skip-to-content, to be clear.)
Whenever I hit any Post Pagination link, it works fine… but jumps to the top of page N, then user needs to hit the scroll down button to find the next batch of paginated posts. Not quite UX-friendly.

A) How could I get pagination links to jump to page N but straight onto the desired anchor ID?

Please find a working example at
I need to get something like out of the pagination links.

B) Is it eventually possible to hide the Hero section for paginations? I mean one of those cool hacks “in scope of this support” :nerd_face:

Thank you! Growing happier with PRO :hammer_and_wrench:

Hello Ricard,

Thanks for writing in!

1.) There isn’t an option to modify the link URLs of the pagination page links. Those links a generated by WordPress dynamically.

2.) Hiding the Hero Section by the way is much easier. You can utilize a condition in your Section element.

Best Regards.

Thanks, that did the job!
In fact I was not using those element/structure level conditionals, just adaptive stuff; so this is a double lesson :partying_face:

Hi Ricard,

Glad that we are able to help you.