Toggle Hash Errors with Pro 6.51

Running updates across a few sites and the latest version of Pro seems to be scrambling toggle hashes.

Before Update:
Page has 2 modals with toggle hashes, hash-a and hash-b

After update:
Page has 2 modals and both now have hash-a as the toggle hash, so clicking on either will trigger both modals.

It doesn’t seem to consistently use the first or last hash as the value that overwrites the others. I had one site use the last hash on the page and one use the first.

It also didn’t impact every toggle hash. On one site I had a set in a section that all overwrote with the first hash in that section. But the section below wasn’t affected.

Editing and saving does correct the problem. But I will say if I hadn’t gone clicking around to check on some things, I wouldn’t have known it was busted! Obviously I had to fix the live sites that were impacted. But I wanted to report the issue. Is there a better method for bug reporting or is the forum fine?

The forum is fine for bug reporting. Does clearing the cache help this issue? Do you have a site we could see? Have a great day.