Themeco Pro Hosted site not accesible


Today I noticed my Pro hosted sites were broken when using Pro theme (default WP themes seem to work). Noticed that server PHP version is now 8, which I believe conflicts with Pro theme. Currently servers are not responding (http and ftp).

Any news on this?

Hi @TopiMatikainen,

Thanks for reaching out.
Yes, you are correct the latest version of the theme has some existing issues with the installed PHP version. I have already informed the concerned person to look into this problem.


Hey There,

Pro is fully compatible with PHP 8.0 which is the new version on our hosting. I’ve reverted the PHP version for your sites back to 7.3 but since 7.3 ist deprecated I recommend updating your theme to the latest version so we can push you back to 8.0. All the best!

Hi Rubin,

I have updated my sites to use latest Pro 5.1.5. These two are oldest sites and haven’t received loving care (one was running Pro 3.2.3!!!). You can push PHP back to 8.0 and thank you for quick response! Love Pro and running it on almost 20 sites now. All the best to you too!

Glad to hear that, @TopiMatikainen.