Theme per default not working well

I just installed everything,

the first issue I had was that with Integrity 1 demo it just fucks up.
I literally just used it five seconds and I am already mad I paid money for such a stuff…
What is this? I can’t even read the error message or understand what the issue is.
Also the mockup is very far from the actual demo, no idea how to find the placeholder for video or edit it.
Very bad documentation on this


I need to know what you click on to trigger that blank popup.

Please note that the integrity 1 video on top was made using revslider plugin and it utilizes the theme Slider Above Masthead Feature.

For your guide kindly refer to the link below

It should be noted that standard demo content may not look exactly like our demo websites for numerous reasons. One of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that much of our content is either created by us directly or licensed specifically to us, so it is not available for redistribution (i.e. images, videos, et cetera). That being said, there are many great websites available such as PhotoDune or GraphicRiver where you can readily purchase premium content for use in your own sites. The standard demo content is meant to be used as a way to quickly set up the framework or structure of your site, making it quick and easy for you to swap out images and text with your own material.


Hi there,

I click on nothing and do nothing. I just open the page in browser or for edit.

So you’re basically saying to license revolution slide to get something even close to your demo as you simply showcase content from other companies within your demo (besides the actual video content)?

Just to summarize:


Reality after install:


There are two kinds of the demo, the standard, and the expanded demo. The standard demo only contains structures, it’s like a placeholder to get you started but you’ll still need to fill in to complete it. While the expanded demo is the complete demo, it contains the sliders, images, and other content as displayed on the demo.

And unfortunately, we can’t distribute the slider and images used on standard demos due to copyright.

And what you imported is standard integrity demo, a skeleton of the actual demo for users to complete.


Okay, it seems you really ignore my questions here.
Can you please refund me?

I did never ask for content. I simply asked why the fuck it’s broken.
Simply until now you DID NOT answer my initial question around why there is an error message.
Instead you keep repeating yourself about stupid demo content


Sorry for the confusion as you only provided some screenshots. I assume you’re expecting to see what’s in the screenshot (as reality vs expectation) and since we’re also discussing the demo. And to answer why it’s broken, are you referring to the menu? It’s due to Ubermenu, please deactivate that plugin as it’s not part of the demo. OR, if you intend to use that regardless of the demo then just deactivate the X menu search feature in Theme Options > Header > SEARCH > Navbar Search and turn it off. It’s X menu’s feature and not integrated for Ubermenu.

As for the first screenshot, it’s my first time seeing that would you mind providing the site’s URL and admin login credentials so I could check? It looks like a modal since the video source is missing, and it’s too is not part of the demo that you imported. I may need to check it first.

UPDATE: Thanks for the credentials. I’ll check on it.


Unfortunately, the credentials are incorrect (the admin/backend), please provide the correct one and I’ll check again.


I’m done with you guys. Please refund. I never experienced such an ignorant level of support ignoring my questions for more than 24h before finally reading the initial questions properly.
I am done with you and simply want my money back. Please reply to the envato ticket about it


We can’t handle refund for X theme, but Themeforest should able to. But we do refund for Pro version since they are bought directly from us.


I did do a ticket on envato, waiting for approval from the author.
So someone at your end has to reply to this I guess?


Yes, but we don’t handle it here, the proper person will reply to them.


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