Theme Options Missing from Dash

Hello. My theme options screen is blank for some reason.

Any ideas?

I’m sorry you’re running into this. Would it be possible for you to share FTP credentials as well? I can see the problem, but it’s hard at the moment to see what’s causing it and I’m unable to reproduce it locally.

@alexander - Sure thing! I updated the secure note.

Thanks! I’ve confirmed this to be related to an issue I’m working on a fix for already. Would you be ok if I installed a patched version on your site when it’s ready?

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Yes, please!

Thank you! I’ve tested the patched version on your site and it’s working. This will be part of the next release so you can safely update when that is made available.

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@alexander Thank you. It looks like I’m still missing “colors” and “fonts” from the flyout X menu?

Hi there,

The Font and Color Manager options are moved to a modal which you can access through the Theme Option’s cog icon.

You can find more detailed information about the update on our changelog here:

And newly updated articles for the Font and Color Managers here:

Hope this helps.

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Got it, thanks!