Theme Options different to Appearance Customize Theme

Hi - I am customizing my theme, and when in Appearance Customize Theme what I see is not the same as the Theme Options in X. My navigational bar specifically is not showing any font changes made in Appearance Customize. Currently my Google selected font Boogaloo (google font) shows in this option but does not show onsite. I am assuming it is being overridden somewhere?

Hi there,

The Font Manager functionality is not available in the Customizer. First of all kindly make sure that you are using the version 5.2.5 of the X and version 2.1.7 of the Cornerstone, if not please update both.

Kindly always use the X > Launch > Options as that is the main functionality of the X and the Customizer will phase out during the course of time. Meanwhile kindly read more about the Font Manager:

Thank you.

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