Theme Options - can you change the shown page?


I have a live single holding page (with no menus) and behind this I want to build the site out. When I go into Theme Option it displays the single page. Can I change the page it shows without it changing the live page? (I want to edit how the headers and footers will look but I cannot see them as they don’t appear on the holding page). I hope this makes sense.


Hi Avalancher,

Thank you for writing in, regretfully there is no other way around it, it’s either you temporary assign a template with header and footer to holding page or set another page as front page.

Is your holding page is a coming soon page? If so, you can utilize the Under Construction Extension instead.


Thought so. Thanks for ur help.

Under Construction Extension - I’ve have used the Under Construction Extension many times in the past and will use it here. However when I select a custom page to use it dose not show the entire page - the bottom part isn’t present (Below the fold).

Is there a way around this?


Hey Avalancher,

Sorry for the confusion. There is a way to preview a different page in Theme Options. To do that, view a post or page and use the Theme Options link in the WP Admin Bar.

In Theme Options, you can also preview any page by changing the Options URL in the Address Bar.

Regretfully, the custom under-construction page is really not scrollable by design because most under-construction pages are short. This concern has been submitted as feature request though so in the future, this behavior might be changed. There is currently no workaround.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Christian, ur first option worked perfectly. :thumbsup:

You’re welcome!
We’re glad @Christian_y’s solution works out for you.

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