Theme not translating

I’ve translated (dutch translation) some of the stings in the x.pot file but none of these are translating on the front-end. I also don’t have any cache enabled.
I’ve now the x-nl_NL.po and in the X/framework/lang directory. Is this a bug or should i place these elsewhere.


Hi Ferdia,

Thanks for writing in! We have a detailed guide on translation, available in our knowledge base section here (

Also make sure to check the following post ( and the other responses on that thread to correctly setup your translation.

Hope that helps.

Thanks mldarshana for your reply,

I’ve carried out everything as outlined in the post but the translations are still not showing.

In the screeshot you can see the strings that i’ve translated.
I’ve disabled alle plugins just to make sure but this they were no conflicts but it did’nt help.

I’ve also encountered another issue and that is the header slider (REv slider) on the home page will not display anymore.
The link to the site in question is, wiil you have a look.


Hi, i figured out why the slider was’nt working but the translating is still an isue

Hi @ferdia,

Please try having these filesnames


and try placing them in wp-content/languages/themes/, please check this too


why do i need 4 files?

Hi Ferdia,

You should just need two files which are the .po and .mo files. The previous suggestion have two different file names which is x-nl_NL and x-nl-NL. The difference is with the text domain in the filename before -nl-NL. You currently have the x file name even though the text domain is x.

If the translation works after adding the files, then you can get rid of the files with x-nl_NL filenames. Please also make sure that the .mo file you use is the compile version of the .po file when you make changes to the .po file.

Hope this helps.

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