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Hello, I purchased this theme with hopes to use it for all my upcoming website design and I just wanted to test it out on a test site to see how it works so I am ready to use it for my actual project in the next month. I sort of made a mistake and activate the license, not knowing it would use up my $80 license. Or is the license good for multiple sites? Can you please clarify. I used Divi in the past, and it allows me to use it for unlimited sites.

Hi @mtraps,

Thanks for writing in.

In regards to your license, you can use your license to one domain only however there is allotted validation for development site and you can transfer the license to other domain in case you want to transfer the license to other domain.

For more details in regards to X theme product validation, you can check the link below.

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


Ahh I see. I thought it was a 1 time fee. So every time I want to use this theme I have to pay $80?

Hi there,

Each project/domain will require a separate license and each license can be used to validate your development environment and the live site.

Hope that’s clear.

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