Theme Cancelation

Good morning, I would like to know how I can cancel the use of the theme with you, I know it is two months of trial and I do not want to use it anymore, in 5 days the deadline expires, therefore I would like a quick response from you.

Hello Paola,

Thanks for writing in!

Will it be possible for you to share the issue you are facing with X Theme? Maybe we can try to assist you on the issues you are facing. In our Knowledgebase we have extensive resources that you can take a look to get started.

That being said it’s my humble request not to take it as a tactic to delay the time. It’s just we genuinely want to help you out with X Theme in case you are facing any issues.


Hi! Thanks for your answer, the truth is that I did not like the interface for the design, it seemed complicated, and I do not have much time, so I would like to work with one that I already know and is easier to edit. You could tell me what is the procedure to follow to get my money back. Thank you

Hi Paola,

I see, I greatly understand it but about the refund, I recommend contacting Themeforest/Envato as they are the one that handles X theme sales.

Thanks for understanding.

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