The "update_meta_cache()" function duplicates the call

Hello, I`m trying to solve the problem of long server response (about 1.5 seconds).My site has Pro theme installed. Page cache is not enabled. When analyzing requests I found a duplicate request “update_meta_cache()” Initializer of which is “Parent theme”. There are a large number of page IDs in the query, despite the fact that this occurs when a single page is opened Can you tell me if this request is really related to the theme and if so, is it possible to disable it? In the screenshot the timing is small, but often it exceeds 0.7seconds

Hey @connectingsoftware,

Thanks for writing in! Did you install the BuddyPress plugin? If not, then it may have come from a 3rd party plugin. What you can do is to do a plugin. conflict test. Simply deactivate the 3rd party plugins one by one. For more troubleshooting tips, please check this out:

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Hello @ruenel, Thank you for your respond!
No, I`m not using BuddyPress plugin, I solved this problem using the object cache.

Hi @connectingsoftware,

Glad that you are able to solve the problem.


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