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I can’t get the plugin to automatically update the grids with new added items (at first creation, all show). Updates ones do show when I hit preview, but not on the page itself. Also, any other changes I make, they do show. But for example new portfolio items, galleries, etc don’t show. And when I check with inspector, the items just don’t load, they’re not hidden or so.

I had the same when I change featured images of pages or portfolio items, or insert custom links AFTER the first setup of a Grid (again, then everything loads correctly). Even reloading it into the Corsterstone builder doesn’t help - but that would be very inconvenient needing to do that every time there’s an upload.
Also tried to empty cash (in plugin), load incognito/different browser etc. For now my page is under construction, and since it is far from finished, I’d rather not put it online if not absolutely necessary. The Grid comes with my Theme X license, can’t ask for support directly at The Grid.

Hope you can help me,



Hi Stijn,

Thanks for writing in! I have checked the site URL assigned to your Themeco account, but I see that you have enabled coming soon mode.

Could you please make sure that you’re fully updated first by going through our version information guide here ( and then update any outdated plugin or theme (

If you’re already updated, then you can disable your 3rd party plugins except Cornerstone and The Grid plugin to see if you’re encountering a plugin conflict. If the issue is resolved, then you can activate your plugins one by one to see which plugin causing the issue.

If you have added any custom JS and CSS to your website, try removing them temporarily as well and further test your issues.

If you’re using a child theme, try disabling it by activating your parent X theme and see if you’re encountering any issues with your child theme customizations.

Also make sure to purge full cache before testing. Refer to the following resource if required (

In case if you cannot isolate your issue, provide us with your WordPress login credentials in a secure note to check this further.


Thanks for your elaborate reply. Got it fixed!

Really thought I managed all the cache plugins, but since you were mentioning checking all the plugins separately (which lucky in the end I didn’t have to do), I went back and really overlooked the Redis Cache plugin (advised by my hosting instead of W3 cache and others).

I’ve now turned off object cache and refreshing works like a charm. Question though: is it wise to have some sort of (object) caching going on? Because I run into this issue more often that is messes up changes. If I turn on Redis and flush cache everytime after adding new portfolio item, refreshing does also work, but that is not an error free workflow.

Also I rely for my portfolio on Envira gallery (I place those in my Portfolio items, which are then read out by The Grid). Envira & The Grid also have their own caching.

What would you recommend? And how does it affect the speed/functioning of my page?


Hi @stinos,

Cache is always recommended to optimize and make the site faster. But it’s bad if you’re adding changes to your site frequently. That’s why it’s only recommended on production site or the final site where it will stay longer like that without any changes.

Still you could use cache anymore but just make sure it’s managed frequently for every change you made. And having multiple optimization and caches is bad and overkill. There is no point on using object cache if the page is already cached, and object cache is only good for code execution to make sure it will only re-use the existing cache. Hence, I personally prefer page caching if it’s going to stay like that, then object cache if I’m going to re-execute functionalities within an app like a builder.


Great, thanks for the explanation!

You are most welcome!

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