Text responsive is different from Preview on Mobile


I selected for the text in the red circle a responsive text as font-size 13 and compression 1.
The preview on mobile in PRO editor is OK but it is different when i see it on a real mobile Samsung (Android).

Plz check it and help to solve this issue.
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Hi there,

I am not sure how you set up the Responsive text but it clearly is not working in this case. Please read the details here.

As the Responsive Text feature uses Javascript you need to make sure that there is no Javascript error on the page that might cause the issue. I am not sure if it is the cause but there is a Javascript error caused by the Particles JS library on your website.

And finally, I suggest that you read this method which does not need Javascript.

Thank you.

I am using the responsive text in PRO editor and I deactivated the Particles plugin but the results are same.


Hi @tarekr,

There is another styling being applied to that text, would you mind providing your login credentials in a secure note so I could check?

For the meantime, please remove the id="py" from that <p></p> block, maybe another script is hooked to that and applying another font size.


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