Text Link not working

What have I done wrong? I have this in a content box. In the page builder it looks like a link but when its on the live page it doesn’t work. Inspector doesn’t show an html link on the page yet it does within the builder itself. Even here on this topic note I can see that the link is working as it should so I am rather confused at the moment.

Please advise.

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Thank you

Hi @LFSdesign,

Thanks for reaching out.
I have checked your website and the specific section you mentioned and it seems that you have not added the URL to the Column > Link.

NOTE: I have tried to check by logging into the WordPress admin dashboard, but unfortunately the captcha didn’t work.


Thank you for your help Tristup.

I have added the link now. Does this mean that you can’t just add a text link if it’s in a column with a text box in it like I tried to do, that you have to link the whole column itself?

Hello @LFSdesign,

You have set the HTML of your Column element to <a>.

This made the whole column as a link. Be advised that you cannot nest <a> HTML tag inside it so that means that you cannot have a link text because the whole column is your link object.

You will only have one choice to make, either put your link on the whole column or just simply put the link in the “Read More” text. You cannot have both.

Hope this explains it briefly.