Text Field jammed?

Page mozartorchestra.org/tickets and mozartorchestra.org/season-tickets the "Total " text field is taller than the other fields. Is it because of col. or row padding/margin issues? Thanks

Hello Ami,

Thanks for writing in! That is because the Total input field is using 1.7em line-height while the rest is only having 1.3em. Using your browser’s Development Tool, you can check the live HTML code and find which CSS selector you need to use or what CSS code has been used to style the page.

Check out this video demonstration:

In your case, you have this:

Using the CSS code, you can modify it and add !important to make sure that all input fields will have the same line-height. You can add the modified custom CSS in Cornerstone > Theme Options > CSS.

Hope this makes sense.

Excellent, as usual. Rue, can you write out the CSS (modues 390 and 622) Thank you!

Rue, I solved it by entering the following CSS on the specific page(s):

.forminator-input .forminator-calculation {
line-height: 20.8px !important;

You are most welcome.

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