Text Effects For Blog Posts - The Content Element


I am setting up a new Pro Layout for a Blog Post. The Layout is using the element “The Content”. Using CSS, I am able to control the headings within The Content, but I need to add a scroll effect on the text (paragraphs of text, but not any headings).

This is simple to do with the Effects module on ordinary Elements, but is it possible to add to text through “The Content” module. The effect I want to use is in the screenshot below.

The blog post creators need to use the Gutenberg editor, rather than Cornerstone, as Cornerstone is a bit too complex for them to use, as ordinary users.

I would be grateful if you can provide any help to use this scroll effect using CSS or anything else.


Hello Christopher,

Thanks for writing in!

Since you cannot apply an Effects Module to the “The Content” element, you can use the Effects Module of the Column element instead or you can insert a DIV element as a container of your “The Content” element.

Hope this makes sense.